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My art is the pureness from within, the freedom of my expression using the boldness of both color and textures  to create atmospheric depictions of fantasy and reality.Being a spontaneous individual my art has no limitations just visions for new creations.

Art Bio

Artist Statement

Barbadian colorist and impressionist artist, Sadé Payne, is a celebrated and well-respected talent. Her ocean-themed pieces by no means define her as an artist. With her keen awareness and attention to color harmony, she effortlessly strokes her brush, using her primary medium of acrylics to leave her distinguishable signature, a gentle yet bold placement of pigment.

Her work has been acquired locally and is also in several countries, including Switzerland, America, Canada, and England.​Although acquiring an Associate Degree in Fine Arts from the Barbados Community College in 2015, Sade’s unique style has been largely self-taught.​

Sade’s paintings illustrate breathtaking land/seascape sceneries, fusing worlds of fantasy with elements of reality. The ocean is her favorite subject which offers an escape from the world and unlimited freedom of expression.

Having a great passion for the sea Sade's recent pieces has begun to explore the movement of water more in-depth, paying great attention to surface ripples and the crashing of waves against the rocks. Canvas is her preference for the texture allows her to be creative with every stroke being a representation of the waves crashing which creates a new masterpiece.

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